Expert tree surgery

All of our tree surgeons are fully NPTC qualified in all aspects of tree surgery We can complete the removal of trees without damage to the surrounding areas and are fully equipped to tackle the felling of trees that may be situated in awkward locations.

Section felling is used in cases when the tree is too close and will cause damage to the surrounding area. All of the arisings that have been created during the tree removal process will be removed and are always recycled.

Beech Tree suffering from Meripilus Giganteus

This tree is an example of defoliation due to the infected roots not being able to substantiate the fully foliated crown. The tree may survive for many years without obvious distress, but eventually crown symptoms such as those shown begin to appear. This happens when root killing has outpaced root regeneration.

The biggest cause for concern for a tree of this size suffering from such a disease is that the tree quickly becomes unstable with the roots decomposing underground, meaning that action has to be taken quickly.

Tree infected with a disease