Longmor Valley - Site Clearance London

We are fully equipped to handle any size site clearance, large or small. We undertake site clearance rapidly and safely, removing entire trees of any diameter. Due to the number of years of experience that we have acquired in undertaking site management, we are able to deal with projects that are small in size, or the more commercial oriented, large scale projects.

Based in Kent, we are ideally located to cover the London regions, as a result of our versatility we have a dedicated client base from these regions.

Site clearance can be the crucial first step in any building or landscaping project.

Tree Removal

As we are specialists in tree surgery, we are fully capable of the removal of trees to help with the clearance of the site. We can perform forestry mulching to remove the remains of trees that have been felled on the land and have access to machinery to get the site clear and ready for any other work that is scheduled to be done.

The resulting mulch from the excavation of trees can be either cleared from the site or used as mulch. This helps to provide regeneration and fertilise the existing soil, it also helps to reduce haulage costs.

Image of tree being moved.

Damaged Trees

We have worked in many projects when trees have been damaged and need to be removed. Commonly, this can happen during harsh weather conditions. Tress can fall and obstruct roads, cause damage to buildings and sometimes cause accidents. When cleared correctly, the damage that has been done by the tree and site can be cleared quickly. Our qualified tree surgeons can assess the situation fully and find the best way to clear the area without further damage.

Image of fallen tree obstructing a road