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Cutting Back Overhanging Trees To Minimise Risk

Overhanging trees from your neighbour’s yard can pose a danger as the branches can not only damage your property, but they also can end up injuring someone. Having an overhanging branch can also mar the beauty of your property. Usually, when a branch is overhanging into your property, your immediate reaction would be to politely ask the neighbour to cut or trim it, so that it is no longer invading your space.

This is easier said than done; many times, neighbours can become argumentative or ignorant in response to your requests, and you may find that leaving the overhanging tree is the best way to put a stop to it all. However, there is another alternative – you can have the tree trimmed yourself, as you are allowed by law.

Solution to Overhanging Trees

As long as the tree is not protected and it is hanging over the border onto your property, you can take matters into your own hand and trim the branches until the border. The law clearly states that you, as a neighbour, have the legal rights to trim or cut down overhanging branches and roots.

However, the cut roots and branches should be returned to the owner of the tree. At the same time, you are absolved from any effect the cutting or trimming may have on the tree. Furthermore, if the tree branches pose danger, you do not need to seek permission from your neighbour or the Forestry Commission to cut the branches; this is, however, only if the tree is not protected.

Using the Services of Longmor Valley Tree Partnership

If you are troubled by overhanging branches and want to ensure that your property does not get damaged, or your loved ones do not get injured, you can use our highly effective and efficient tree surgery services.

We have great love for trees and forestry but, at the same time, we believe that trees should be safe for everyone around. That is why we offer quality tree surgery that is performed only by qualified and highly skilled tree surgeons. These are specialists in their own right who know everything about tree surgery and pruning.

We are based in Orpington, Kent and provide specialist tree surgery services throughout the Kent and London areas. Regardless of the tree’s size, we can trim and prune the branches to ensure that the offending tree does not get unbalanced, or the branches do not damage your property or injure someone in your household. Our tree surgeons are NPTC-qualified and take all measures to minimise trauma to the tree, while effectively cutting back the branches to the border.

If there are overhanging trees in your garden and you want to minimise the risk of property damage or injury, our tree surgeons are perfect. Call us today to arrange an appointment, and our tree surgeons will visit your premises to survey and evaluate the offending tree, before carrying out any necessary work..